Kerry Faces Donegal for All-Ireland SFC Title


The final will take place at Croke Park in Dublin on Sunday.

Those football fans hoping to see a repeat of scoring fests from the semifinals at Sunday’s final might end up being disappointed.

Dublin attempted to blow away Donegal with attacking football just three weeks ago, but failed miserably despite staring off well.

Eamonn Fitzmaurice the manager at Kerry will employ an approach that is much more cautious.

He wants to avoid the huge hole that appeared in the center of Dublin’s defense, which was exploited by Donegal.

With Dublin having everyone moving forward, no one was at home on a number of occasions on defense, when players like Anthony Thompson, Frank McGlynn and Ryan McHugh broke pace following turnovers during the semi-final.

However, it is likely that Fitzmaurice has studied the unorthodox approach by Donegal at center half forward.

There was a time Kerry would not have deviated from its football principles, but times have changed. Fitzmaurice in his own right is a clever operator and will adopt something he can throw at Donegal and tactician Jim McGuinness.

Of course that does not mean the defenders for Kerry will not bomb forward and with numbers, occasionally but a pair of caretakers will remain at home in the expectation of the lightning fast attack for Donegal.

The half forwards for Kerry Stephen O’Brien, Johnny Buckley and Donnacha Walsh will likely have a draining afternoon as they attempt to curb the instincts of attacking of the half backs from Donegal.

One key duel on the afternoon will be at midfield with David Moran against Neil Gallagher.

Another duel will be the two brothers McGee on defense for Donegal trying to subdue the two key forwards of Kerry James O’Donoghue and Kieran Donaghy.

Most odds makers like Donegal although it is tough to go against a county with 36 titles.

Nevertheless, the thought is the well-honed Donegal system will win on this day.


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