Cat Stevens NYC Gig Cancelled Due to Scalpers


cat-stevens-620x400The fans that have waited 28 years to hear Cat Stevens sing live were excited when his “Peace Train…Late Again” concert for gigs in the United States and Canada was announced earlier this month. Unfortunately, some fans are now facing disappointment. The tour, which is scheduled to start on December 1 in Toronto Canada and then move on to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, has hit a bump in the road.

It has been confirmed that the New York City leg of the Peace Train tour has been cancelled by Stevens because of ticket scalpers. The New York City stop would have been the first time in more than 40 years since he performed there but because of high ticket prices posted by scalpers, he made the tough decision to cancel it.

Stevens, who now goes by Yusuf Islam, has led a low-profile life for years, especially after converting to Muslim. However, because of high demand for him to perform again, he felt he owed it to his faithful fans to oblige. He has always been devoted to his fans and the thought of someone trying to make money off his comeback tour is not what he intended.

Stevens has also supported paperless ticketing that helps prevent scalpers from selling overpriced tickets. However, an old New York State law requires concert goers to have actual tickets in hand and because of this, scalpers had the opportunity to ruin something great for everyone. Instead of innocent fans paying outrageous prices to see him perform, Stevens decided to cancel the NYC show altogether.

He is not the first performer to get upset with the outdated New York state law. Many artists support him, staying that paper tickets enable scalpers to buy reasonably and then sell at inflated prices. His dislike of the old system dates back than 30 years and at one point he said that he seriously thought about buying the tickets off scalpers and giving them out to his loyal fans.

Originally, the New York show was to occur on December 7 at the Beacon Theater. While this particular show was cancelled. Stevens will pick up a performance in Boston. Although this change will inconvenience some people, most followers of Cat Stevens, aka, Yusaf Islam, understand he is doing this for their benefit. The “Peace Train…Late Again” tour coordinates with his new record titled “Tell ‘Em I’m Gone”, which will hit store shelves October 27.

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